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WordPress Dashboard Widget Administration Screen API

Function Short description
dashboard_browser_nag_classAdds an additional class to the browser nag if the current version is insecure.
dashboard_php_nag_classAdds an additional class to the PHP nag if the current version is insecure.
wp_add_dashboard_widgetAdds a new dashboard widget.
wp_check_browser_versionChecks if the user needs a browser update.
wp_dashboardDisplays the dashboard.
wp_dashboard_browser_nagDisplays the browser update nag.
wp_dashboard_cached_rss_widgetChecks to see if all of the feed url in $check_urls are cached.
wp_dashboard_emptyOutputs empty dashboard widget to be populated by JS later.
wp_dashboard_events_newsRenders the Events and News dashboard widget.
wp_dashboard_php_nagDisplays the PHP update nag.
wp_dashboard_primary'WordPress Events and News' dashboard widget.
wp_dashboard_primary_outputDisplays the WordPress events and news feeds.
wp_dashboard_quick_pressDisplays the Quick Draft widget.
wp_dashboard_quotaDisplays file upload quota on dashboard.
wp_dashboard_recent_commentsShow Comments section.
wp_dashboard_recent_draftsShow recent drafts of the user on the dashboard.
wp_dashboard_recent_postsGenerates Publishing Soon and Recently Published sections.
wp_dashboard_right_nowDashboard widget that displays some basic stats about the site.
wp_dashboard_rss_controlSets up the RSS dashboard widget control and $args to be used as input to wp_widget_rss_form().
wp_dashboard_rss_outputDisplay generic dashboard RSS widget feed.
wp_dashboard_setupRegisters dashboard widgets.
wp_dashboard_site_activityOutputs the Activity widget.
wp_dashboard_site_healthDisplays the Site Health Status widget.
wp_dashboard_trigger_widget_controlCalls widget control callback.
wp_print_community_events_markupPrints the markup for the Community Events section of the Events and News Dashboard widget.
wp_print_community_events_templatesRenders the events templates for the Event and News widget.
wp_welcome_panelDisplays a welcome panel to introduce users to WordPress.
_wp_dashboard_control_callbackOutputs controls for the current dashboard widget.
_wp_dashboard_recent_comments_rowOutputs a row for the Recent Comments widget.