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Deprecated admin functions from past WordPress versions. You shouldn't use these functions and look for the alternatives instead. The functions will be removed in a later version.

Function Short description
add_contextual_helpAdd contextual help text for a page.
add_object_pageAdd a top-level menu page in the 'objects' section.
add_option_update_handlerRegister a setting and its sanitization callback
add_utility_pageAdd a top-level menu page in the 'utility' section.
codepress_footer_jsAdds JavaScript required to make CodePress work on the theme/plugin file editors.
codepress_get_langDetermines the language to use for CodePress syntax highlighting.
current_theme_infoRetrieves information on the current active theme.
documentation_linkUnused Admin function.
dropdown_categoriesLegacy function used to generate the categories checklist control.
dropdown_link_categoriesLegacy function used to generate a link categories checklist control.
favorite_actionsFavorite actions were deprecated in version 3.2. Use the admin bar instead.
get_allowed_themesGet the allowed themes for the current site.
get_author_user_idsGet all user IDs.
get_broken_themesRetrieves a list of broken themes.
get_default_page_to_editGets the default page information to use.
get_editable_authorsGets author users who can edit posts.
get_editable_user_idsGets the IDs of any users who can edit posts.
get_nonauthor_user_idsGets all users who are not authors.
get_others_draftsRetrieve drafts from other users.
get_others_pendingRetrieve pending review posts from other users.
get_others_unpublished_postsRetrieves editable posts from other users.
get_post_to_editGets an existing post and format it for editing.
get_real_file_to_editGet the real filesystem path to a file to edit within the admin.
get_screen_iconRetrieves the screen icon (no longer used in 3.8+).
get_udimsCalculated the new dimensions for a downsampled image.
image_attachment_fields_to_saveWas used to filter input from media_upload_form_handler() and to assign a default post_title from the file name if none supplied.
media_upload_audioHandles uploading an audio file.
media_upload_fileHandles uploading a generic file.
media_upload_imageHandles uploading an image.
media_upload_videoHandles uploading a video file.
options_permalink_add_jsDisplay JavaScript on the page.
post_form_autocomplete_offDisables autocomplete on the 'post' form (Add/Edit Post screens) for WebKit browsers, as they disregard the autocomplete setting on the editor textarea. That can break the editor when the user navigates to it with the browser's Back button. See #28037
remove_option_update_handlerUnregister a setting
screen_iconDisplays a screen icon.
screen_layoutReturns the screen layout options.
screen_metaRenders the screen's help.
screen_optionsReturns the screen's per-page options.
the_attachment_linksThis was once used to display attachment links. Now it is deprecated and stubbed.
type_url_form_audioHandles retrieving the insert-from-URL form for an audio file.
type_url_form_fileHandles retrieving the insert-from-URL form for a generic file.
type_url_form_imageHandles retrieving the insert-from-URL form for an image.
type_url_form_videoHandles retrieving the insert-from-URL form for a video file.
use_codepressDetermine whether to use CodePress.
wp_create_thumbnailThis was once used to create a thumbnail from an Image given a maximum side size.
wp_dashboard_incoming_linksDeprecated dashboard widget controls.
wp_dashboard_incoming_links_controlDeprecated dashboard incoming links control.
wp_dashboard_incoming_links_outputDeprecated dashboard widget controls.
wp_dashboard_pluginsDeprecated dashboard plugins control.
wp_dashboard_plugins_outputDisplay plugins text for the WordPress news widget.
wp_dashboard_primary_controlDeprecated dashboard primary control.
wp_dashboard_quick_press_outputOutput the QuickPress dashboard widget.
wp_dashboard_recent_comments_controlDeprecated dashboard recent comments control.
wp_dashboard_secondaryDeprecated dashboard secondary section.
wp_dashboard_secondary_controlDeprecated dashboard secondary control.
wp_dashboard_secondary_outputDeprecated dashboard secondary output.
wp_dropdown_catsLegacy function used for generating a categories drop-down control.
wp_nav_menu_locations_meta_boxThis was once used to display a meta box for the nav menu theme locations.
wp_preload_dialogsPreloads TinyMCE dialogs.
wp_print_editor_jsPrints TinyMCE editor JS.
wp_quicktagsHandles quicktags.
wp_shrink_dimensionsCalculates the new dimensions for a downsampled image.
wp_tiny_mceOutputs the TinyMCE editor.
wp_update_coreThis was once used to kick-off the Core Updater.
wp_update_pluginThis was once used to kick-off the Plugin Updater.
wp_update_themeThis was once used to kick-off the Theme Updater.
_insert_into_post_buttonThis was once used to display an 'Insert into Post' button.
_media_buttonThis was once used to display a media button.
_relocate_childrenThis was once used to move child posts to a new parent.
_wp_privacy_requests_screen_optionsWas used to add options for the privacy requests screens before they were separate files.