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WordPress Administration Media API.

Function Short description
attachment_submitbox_metadataDisplays non-editable attachment metadata in the publish meta box.
edit_form_image_editorDisplays the image and editor in the post editor
get_attachment_fields_to_editRetrieves the attachment fields to edit form fields.
get_image_send_to_editorRetrieves the image HTML to send to the editor.
get_media_itemRetrieves HTML form for modifying the image attachment.
get_media_itemsRetrieves HTML for media items of post gallery.
get_upload_iframe_srcRetrieves the upload iframe source URL.
image_add_captionAdds image shortcode with caption to editor.
image_align_input_fieldsRetrieves HTML for the image alignment radio buttons with the specified one checked.
image_attachment_fields_to_editRetrieves the image attachment fields to edit form fields.
image_link_input_fieldsRetrieves HTML for the Link URL buttons with the default link type as specified.
image_media_send_to_editorRetrieves the media element HTML to send to the editor.
image_size_input_fieldsRetrieves HTML for the size radio buttons with the specified one checked.
media_buttonsAdds the media button to the editor.
media_handle_sideloadHandles a side-loaded file in the same way as an uploaded file is handled by media_handle_upload().
media_handle_uploadSaves a file submitted from a POST request and create an attachment post for it.
media_post_single_attachment_fields_to_editRetrieves the post non-image attachment fields to edit form fields.
media_send_to_editorAdds image HTML to editor.
media_sideload_imageDownloads an image from the specified URL, saves it as an attachment, and optionally attaches it to a post.
media_single_attachment_fields_to_editRetrieves the single non-image attachment fields to edit form fields.
media_upload_flash_bypassDisplays the multi-file uploader message.
media_upload_formOutputs the legacy media upload form.
media_upload_form_handlerHandles form submissions for the legacy media uploader.
media_upload_galleryRetrieves the legacy media uploader form in an iframe.
media_upload_gallery_formAdds gallery form to upload iframe.
media_upload_headerOutputs the legacy media upload header.
media_upload_html_bypassDisplays the browser's built-in uploader message.
media_upload_libraryRetrieves the legacy media library form in an iframe.
media_upload_library_formOutputs the legacy media upload form for the media library.
media_upload_max_image_resizeDisplays the checkbox to scale images.
media_upload_tabsDefines the default media upload tabs.
media_upload_text_afterUsed to display a "After a file has been uploaded..." help message.
media_upload_type_formOutputs the legacy media upload form for a given media type.
media_upload_type_url_formOutputs the legacy media upload form for external media.
multisite_over_quota_messageDisplays the out of storage quota message in Multisite.
the_media_upload_tabsOutputs the legacy media upload tabs UI.
update_gallery_tabAdds the gallery tab back to the tabs array if post has image attachments.
wp_add_id3_tag_dataParses ID3v2, ID3v1, and getID3 comments to extract usable data.
wp_caption_input_textareaOutputs a textarea element for inputting an attachment caption.
wp_get_media_creation_timestampParses creation date from media metadata.
wp_iframeOutputs the iframe to display the media upload page.
wp_media_attach_actionEncapsulates the logic for Attach/Detach actions.
wp_media_insert_url_formCreates the form for external url.
wp_media_upload_handlerHandles the process of uploading media.
wp_read_audio_metadataRetrieves metadata from an audio file's ID3 tags.
wp_read_video_metadataRetrieves metadata from a video file's ID3 tags.
_cleanup_image_add_captionPrivate preg_replace callback used in image_add_caption().