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Template WordPress Administration API.

Function Short description
add_meta_boxAdds a meta box to one or more screens.
add_settings_errorRegister a settings error to be displayed to the user.
add_settings_fieldAdd a new field to a section of a settings page.
add_settings_sectionAdd a new section to a settings page.
compression_testTest support for compressing JavaScript from PHP
convert_to_screenConvert a screen string to a screen object
do_accordion_sectionsMeta Box Accordion Template Function.
do_block_editor_incompatible_meta_boxFunction that renders a "fake" meta box with an information message, shown on the block editor, when an incompatible meta box is found.
do_meta_boxesMeta-Box template function.
do_settings_fieldsPrint out the settings fields for a particular settings section.
do_settings_sectionsPrints out all settings sections added to a particular settings page
find_posts_divOutputs the modal window used for attaching media to posts or pages in the media-listing screen.
get_inline_dataAdds hidden fields with the data for use in the inline editor for posts and pages.
get_post_statesFunction to retrieve an array of post states from a post.
get_settings_errorsFetch settings errors registered by add_settings_error().
get_submit_buttonReturns a submit button, with provided text and appropriate class
iframe_footerGeneric Iframe footer for use with Thickbox
iframe_headerGeneric Iframe header for use with Thickbox
list_metaOutputs a post's public meta data in the Custom Fields meta box.
meta_formPrints the form in the Custom Fields meta box.
page_template_dropdownPrint out option HTML elements for the page templates drop-down.
parent_dropdownPrint out option HTML elements for the page parents drop-down.
remove_meta_boxRemoves a meta box from one or more screens.
settings_errorsDisplay settings errors registered by add_settings_error().
submit_buttonEchoes a submit button, with provided text and appropriate class(es).
the_post_passwordDisplays the post password.
touch_timePrint out HTML form date elements for editing post or comment publish date.
wp_category_checklistOutput an unordered list of checkbox input elements labeled with category names.
wp_comment_replyOutputs the in-line comment reply-to form in the Comments list table.
wp_comment_trashnoticeOutput 'undo move to trash' text for comments
wp_dropdown_rolesPrint out option html elements for role selectors.
wp_import_upload_formOutputs the form used by the importers to accept the data to be imported
wp_link_category_checklistOutputs a link category checklist element.
wp_popular_terms_checklistRetrieve a list of the most popular terms from the specified taxonomy.
wp_star_ratingOutput a HTML element with a star rating for a given rating.
wp_terms_checklistOutput an unordered list of checkbox input elements labelled with term names.
_admin_search_queryDisplays the search query.
_draft_or_post_titleGet the post title.
_get_plugin_from_callbackInternal helper function to find the plugin from a meta box callback.
_list_meta_rowOutputs a single row of public meta data in the Custom Fields meta box.
_local_storage_noticeOutput the HTML for restoring the post data from DOM storage
_media_statesFunction to echo the attachment media states as HTML.
_post_statesFunction to echo or return the post states as HTML.
_wp_posts_page_noticeOutput a notice when editing the page for posts (internal use only).