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Object Cache API

Function Short description
wp_cache_addAdds data to the cache, if the cache key doesn't already exist.
wp_cache_add_global_groupsAdds a group or set of groups to the list of global groups.
wp_cache_add_non_persistent_groupsAdds a group or set of groups to the list of non-persistent groups.
wp_cache_closeCloses the cache.
wp_cache_decrDecrements numeric cache item's value.
wp_cache_deleteRemoves the cache contents matching key and group.
wp_cache_flushRemoves all cache items.
wp_cache_getRetrieves the cache contents from the cache by key and group.
wp_cache_get_multipleRetrieves multiple values from the cache in one call.
wp_cache_incrIncrement numeric cache item's value
wp_cache_initSets up Object Cache Global and assigns it.
wp_cache_replaceReplaces the contents of the cache with new data.
wp_cache_resetReset internal cache keys and structures.
wp_cache_setSaves the data to the cache.
wp_cache_switch_to_blogSwitches the internal blog ID.