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HTTPS detection functions.

Function Short description
wp_cron_conditionally_prevent_sslverifyDisables SSL verification if the 'cron_request' arguments include an HTTPS URL.
wp_is_home_url_using_httpsChecks whether the current site URL is using HTTPS.
wp_is_https_supportedChecks whether HTTPS is supported for the server and domain.
wp_is_local_html_outputChecks whether a given HTML string is likely an output from this WordPress site.
wp_is_site_url_using_httpsChecks whether the current site's URL where WordPress is stored is using HTTPS.
wp_is_using_httpsChecks whether the website is using HTTPS.
wp_schedule_https_detectionSchedules the Cron hook for detecting HTTPS support.
wp_update_https_detection_errorsRuns a remote HTTPS request to detect whether HTTPS supported, and stores potential errors.