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These functions are needed to load WordPress.

Function Short description
get_current_blog_idRetrieves the current site ID.
get_current_network_idRetrieves the current network ID.
is_adminDetermines whether the current request is for an administrative interface page.
is_blog_adminDetermines whether the current request is for a site's administrative interface.
is_loginDetermines whether the current request is for the login screen.
is_multisiteDetermines whether Multisite is enabled.
is_network_adminDetermines whether the current request is for the network administrative interface.
is_protected_ajax_actionDetermines whether we are currently handling an Ajax action that should be protected against WSODs.
is_protected_endpointDetermines whether we are currently on an endpoint that should be protected against WSODs.
is_sslDetermines if SSL is used.
is_user_adminDetermines whether the current request is for a user admin screen.
is_wp_errorChecks whether the given variable is a WordPress Error.
require_wp_dbLoads the database class file and instantiates the `$wpdb` global.
shutdown_action_hookRuns just before PHP shuts down execution.
timer_floatGets the time elapsed so far during this PHP script.
timer_startStarts the WordPress micro-timer.
timer_stopRetrieves or displays the time from the page start to when function is called.
wp_check_php_mysql_versionsChecks for the required PHP version, and the mysqli extension or a database drop-in.
wp_cloneClones an object.
wp_convert_hr_to_bytesConverts a shorthand byte value to an integer byte value.
wp_debug_modeSets PHP error reporting based on WordPress debug settings.
wp_doing_ajaxDetermines whether the current request is a WordPress Ajax request.
wp_doing_cronDetermines whether the current request is a WordPress cron request.
wp_favicon_requestEnsures all of WordPress is not loaded when handling a favicon.ico request.
wp_finalize_scraping_edited_file_errorsFinalizes scraping for edited file errors.
wp_fix_server_varsFixes `$_SERVER` variables for various setups.
wp_get_active_and_valid_pluginsRetrieves an array of active and valid plugin files.
wp_get_active_and_valid_themesRetrieves an array of active and valid themes.
wp_get_development_modeRetrieves the current development mode.
wp_get_environment_typeRetrieves the current environment type.
wp_get_mu_pluginsRetrieves an array of must-use plugin files.
wp_get_server_protocolReturns the HTTP protocol sent by the server.
wp_installingChecks or sets whether WordPress is in "installation" mode.
wp_is_development_modeChecks whether the site is in the given development mode.
wp_is_file_mod_allowedDetermines whether file modifications are allowed.
wp_is_ini_value_changeableDetermines whether a PHP ini value is changeable at runtime.
wp_is_jsonp_requestChecks whether current request is a JSONP request, or is expecting a JSONP response.
wp_is_json_media_typeChecks whether a string is a valid JSON Media Type.
wp_is_json_requestChecks whether current request is a JSON request, or is expecting a JSON response.
wp_is_maintenance_modeChecks if maintenance mode is enabled.
wp_is_recovery_modeDetermines whether WordPress is in Recovery Mode.
wp_is_site_protected_by_basic_authChecks if this site is protected by HTTP Basic Auth.
wp_is_xml_requestChecks whether current request is an XML request, or is expecting an XML response.
wp_load_translations_earlyAttempts an early load of translations.
wp_magic_quotesAdds magic quotes to `$_GET`, `$_POST`, `$_COOKIE`, and `$_SERVER`.
wp_maintenanceDies with a maintenance message when conditions are met.
wp_not_installedRedirects to the installer if WordPress is not installed.
wp_populate_basic_auth_from_authorization_headerPopulates the Basic Auth server details from the Authorization header.
wp_set_internal_encodingSets internal encoding.
wp_set_lang_dirSets the location of the language directory.
wp_set_wpdb_varsSets the database table prefix and the format specifiers for database table columns.
wp_skip_paused_pluginsFilters a given list of plugins, removing any paused plugins from it.
wp_skip_paused_themesFilters a given list of themes, removing any paused themes from it.
wp_start_object_cacheStarts the WordPress object cache.
wp_start_scraping_edited_file_errorsStarts scraping edited file errors.
wp_using_ext_object_cacheToggles `$_wp_using_ext_object_cache` on and off without directly touching global.
wp_using_themesDetermines whether the current request should use themes.