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Site API

Function Short description
add_site_metaAdds metadata to a site.
clean_blog_cacheClean the blog cache
delete_site_metaRemoves metadata matching criteria from a site.
delete_site_meta_by_keyDeletes everything from site meta matching meta key.
get_siteRetrieves site data given a site ID or site object.
get_sitesRetrieves a list of sites matching requested arguments.
get_site_metaRetrieves metadata for a site.
update_sitemeta_cacheUpdates metadata cache for list of site IDs.
update_site_cacheUpdates sites in cache.
update_site_metaUpdates metadata for a site.
wp_cache_set_sites_last_changedSets the last changed time for the 'sites' cache group.
wp_check_site_meta_support_prefilterAborts calls to site meta if it is not supported.
wp_delete_siteDeletes a site from the database.
wp_initialize_siteRuns the initialization routine for a given site.
wp_insert_siteInserts a new site into the database.
wp_is_site_initializedChecks whether a site is initialized.
wp_lazyload_site_metaQueue site meta for lazy-loading.
wp_maybe_clean_new_site_cache_on_updateCleans the necessary caches after specific site data has been updated.
wp_maybe_transition_site_statuses_on_updateTriggers actions on site status updates.
wp_maybe_update_network_site_counts_on_updateUpdates the count of sites for a network based on a changed site.
wp_normalize_site_dataNormalizes data for a site prior to inserting or updating in the database.
wp_prepare_site_dataPrepares site data for insertion or update in the database.
wp_uninitialize_siteRuns the uninitialization routine for a given site.
wp_update_blog_public_option_on_site_updateUpdates the `blog_public` option for a given site ID.
wp_update_siteUpdates a site in the database.
wp_validate_site_dataValidates data for a site prior to inserting or updating in the database.
_prime_site_cachesAdds any sites from the given IDs to the cache that do not already exist in cache.