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install_network ( No parameters )
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Install Network.


function install_network() {
		if ( ! defined( 'WP_INSTALLING_NETWORK' ) ) {
			define( 'WP_INSTALLING_NETWORK', true );

		dbDelta( wp_get_db_schema( 'global' ) );

 * Populate network settings.
 * @since 3.0.0
 * @global wpdb       $wpdb         WordPress database abstraction object.
 * @global object     $current_site
 * @global WP_Rewrite $wp_rewrite   WordPress rewrite component.
 * @param int    $network_id        ID of network to populate.
 * @param string $domain            The domain name for the network. Example: "example.com".
 * @param string $email             Email address for the network administrator.
 * @param string $site_name         The name of the network.
 * @param string $path              Optional. The path to append to the network's domain name. Default '/'.
 * @param bool   $subdomain_install Optional. Whether the network is a subdomain installation or a subdirectory installation.
 *                                  Default false, meaning the network is a subdirectory installation.
 * @return true|WP_Error True on success, or WP_Error on warning (with the installation otherwise successful,
 *                       so the error code must be checked) or failure.