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New in WordPress 5.8

Function Short description Path
block_editor_rest_api_preloadPreloads common data used with the block editor by specifying an array of REST API paths that will be preloaded for a given block editor context.wp-includes/block-editor.php
block_has_supportChecks whether the current block type supports the feature requested.wp-includes/blocks.php
build_query_vars_from_query_blockHelper function that constructs a WP_Query args array from a `Query` block properties.wp-includes/blocks.php
deactivated_plugins_noticeRenders an admin notice when a plugin was deactivated during an update.wp-admin/includes/plugin.php
get_adjacent_image_linkGets the next or previous image link that has the same post parent.wp-includes/media.php
get_allowed_block_typesGets the list of allowed block types to use in the block editor.wp-includes/block-editor.php
get_block_editor_settingsReturns the contextualized block editor settings for a selected editor context.wp-includes/block-editor.php
get_block_editor_theme_stylesCreates an array of theme styles to load into the block editor.wp-includes/block-editor.php
get_block_templateRetrieves a single unified template object using its id.wp-includes/block-template-utils.php
get_block_templatesRetrieves a list of unified template objects based on a query.wp-includes/block-template-utils.php
get_default_block_categoriesReturns the list of default categories for block types.wp-includes/block-editor.php
get_default_block_editor_settingsReturns the default block editor settings.wp-includes/block-editor.php
get_legacy_widget_block_editor_settingsReturns the block editor settings needed to use the Legacy Widget block which is not registered by default.wp-includes/block-editor.php
get_next_image_linkGets the next image link that has the same post parent.wp-includes/media.php
get_previous_image_linkGets the previous image link that has the same post parent.wp-includes/media.php
get_the_block_template_htmlReturns the markup for the current template.wp-includes/block-template.php
locate_block_templateFind a block template with equal or higher specificity than a given PHP template file.wp-includes/block-template.php
resolve_block_templateReturn the correct 'wp_template' to render for the request template type.wp-includes/block-template.php
the_block_template_skip_linkPrints the skip-link script & styles.wp-includes/theme-templates.php
timer_floatGet the time elapsed so far during this PHP script.wp-includes/load.php
wp_add_iframed_editor_assets_htmlInject the block editor assets that need to be loaded into the editor's iframe as an inline script.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_apply_border_supportAdds CSS classes and inline styles for border styles to the incoming attributes array. This will be applied to the block markup in the front-end.wp-includes/block-supports/border.php
wp_apply_spacing_supportAdd CSS classes for block spacing to the incoming attributes array.wp-includes/block-supports/spacing.php
wp_assign_widget_to_sidebarAssigns a widget to the given sidebar.wp-includes/widgets.php
wp_check_widget_editor_depsDisplays a _doing_it_wrong() message for conflicting widget editor scripts.wp-includes/widgets.php
wp_enable_block_templatesEnables the block templates (editor mode) for themes with theme.json by default.wp-includes/theme-templates.php
wp_enqueue_editor_format_library_assetsEnqueues the assets required for the format library within the block editor.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_enqueue_global_stylesEnqueues the global styles defined via theme.json.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_filter_wp_template_unique_post_slugGenerates a unique slug for templates.wp-includes/theme-templates.php
wp_find_widgets_sidebarFinds the sidebar that a given widget belongs to.wp-includes/widgets.php
wp_get_webp_infoExtracts meta information about a webp file: width, height and type.wp-includes/media.php
wp_has_border_feature_supportChecks whether the current block type supports the border feature requested.wp-includes/block-supports/border.php
wp_maybe_inline_stylesAllows small styles to be inlined.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_migrate_old_typography_shapeConverts typography keys declared under `supports.*` to `supports.typography.*`.wp-includes/blocks.php
wp_parse_widget_idConverts a widget ID into its id_base and number components.wp-includes/widgets.php
wp_register_border_supportRegisters the style attribute used by the border feature if needed for block types that support borders.wp-includes/block-supports/border.php
wp_register_duotone_supportRegisters the style and colors block attributes for block types that support it.wp-includes/block-supports/duotone.php
wp_register_layout_supportRegisters the layout block attribute for block types that support it.wp-includes/block-supports/layout.php
wp_register_spacing_supportRegisters the style block attribute for block types that support it.wp-includes/block-supports/spacing.php
wp_render_duotone_supportRender out the duotone stylesheet and SVG.wp-includes/block-supports/duotone.php
wp_render_elements_supportRender the elements stylesheet.wp-includes/block-supports/elements.php
wp_render_layout_support_flagRenders the layout config to the block wrapper.wp-includes/block-supports/layout.php
wp_render_widgetCalls the render callback of a widget and returns the output.wp-includes/widgets.php
wp_render_widget_controlCalls the control callback of a widget and returns the output.wp-includes/widgets.php
wp_restore_group_inner_containerFor themes without theme.json file, make sure to restore the inner div for the group block to avoid breaking styles relying on that div.wp-includes/block-supports/layout.php
wp_setup_widgets_block_editorEnables the widgets block editor. This is hooked into 'after_setup_theme' so that the block editor is enabled by default but can be disabled by themes.wp-includes/widgets.php
wp_should_load_separate_core_block_assetsChecks whether separate styles should be loaded for core blocks on-render.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_skip_border_serializationChecks whether serialization of the current block's border properties should occur.wp-includes/block-supports/border.php
wp_tinycolor_bound01Takes input from [0, n] and returns it as [0, 1].wp-includes/block-supports/duotone.php
wp_tinycolor_hsl_to_rgbConverts an HSL object to an RGB object with converted and rounded values.wp-includes/block-supports/duotone.php
wp_tinycolor_hue_to_rgbHelper function for hsl to rgb conversion.wp-includes/block-supports/duotone.php
wp_tinycolor_rgb_to_rgbRounds and converts values of an RGB object.wp-includes/block-supports/duotone.php
wp_tinycolor_string_to_rgbParses hex, hsl, and rgb CSS strings using the same regex as TinyColor v1.4.2 used in the JavaScript. Only colors output from react-color are implemented.wp-includes/block-supports/duotone.php
wp_typography_get_css_variable_inline_styleGenerates an inline style for a typography feature e.g. text decoration, text transform, and font style.wp-includes/block-supports/typography.php
wp_use_widgets_block_editorWhether or not to use the block editor to manage widgets. Defaults to true unless a theme has removed support for widgets-block-editor or a plugin has filtered the return value of this function.wp-includes/widgets.php
_block_template_render_title_tagDisplays title tag with content, regardless of whether theme has title-tag support.wp-includes/block-template.php
_block_template_render_without_post_block_contextRemoves post details from block context when rendering a block template.wp-includes/block-template.php
_block_template_viewport_meta_tagRenders a 'viewport' meta tag.wp-includes/block-template.php
_excerpt_render_inner_blocksRender inner blocks from the allowed wrapper blocks for generating an excerpt.wp-includes/blocks.php
_load_remote_block_patternsRegister Core's official patterns from wordpress.org/patterns.wp-includes/block-patterns.php
_strip_template_file_suffixStrips .php or .html suffix from template file names.wp-includes/block-template.php
_wp_array_setSets an array in depth based on a path of keys.wp-includes/functions.php