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New in WordPress 5.0

Function Short description Path
block_versionReturns the current version of the block format that the content string is using.wp-includes/blocks.php
determine_localeDetermine the current locale desired for the request.wp-includes/l10n.php
do_blocksParses dynamic blocks out of `post_content` and re-renders them.wp-includes/blocks.php
do_block_editor_incompatible_meta_boxFunction that renders a "fake" meta box with an information message, shown on the block editor, when an incompatible meta box is found.wp-admin/includes/template.php
excerpt_remove_blocksParses blocks out of a content string, and renders those appropriate for the excerpt.wp-includes/blocks.php
get_block_categoriesReturns all the block categories that will be shown in the block editor.wp-admin/includes/post.php
get_block_editor_server_block_settingsPrepares server-registered blocks for the block editor.wp-admin/includes/post.php
get_dynamic_block_namesReturns an array of the names of all registered dynamic block types.wp-includes/blocks.php
get_oembed_response_data_for_urlRetrieves the oEmbed response data for a given URL.wp-includes/embed.php
has_blockDetermine whether a $post or a string contains a specific block type.wp-includes/blocks.php
has_blocksDetermine whether a post or content string has blocks.wp-includes/blocks.php
load_script_textdomainLoads the script translated strings.wp-includes/l10n.php
parse_blocksParses blocks out of a content string.wp-includes/blocks.php
register_and_do_post_meta_boxesRegisters the default post meta boxes, and runs the `do_meta_boxes` actions.wp-admin/includes/meta-boxes.php
register_block_typeRegisters a block type.wp-includes/blocks.php
render_blockRenders a single block into a HTML string.wp-includes/blocks.php
rest_preload_api_requestAppend result of internal request to REST API for purpose of preloading data to be attached to a page.wp-includes/rest-api.php
the_block_editor_meta_boxesRenders the meta boxes forms.wp-admin/includes/post.php
the_block_editor_meta_box_post_form_hidden_fieldsRenders the hidden form required for the meta boxes form.wp-admin/includes/post.php
unregister_block_typeUnregisters a block type.wp-includes/blocks.php
upgrade_500Executes changes made in WordPress 5.0.0.wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php
use_block_editor_for_postReturn whether the post can be edited in the block editor.wp-admin/includes/post.php
use_block_editor_for_post_typeReturn whether a post type is compatible with the block editor.wp-admin/includes/post.php
wp_cache_set_comments_last_changedSets the last changed time for the 'comment' cache group.wp-includes/comment.php
wp_cache_set_posts_last_changedSets the last changed time for the 'posts' cache group.wp-includes/post.php
wp_cache_set_terms_last_changedSets the last changed time for the 'terms' cache group.wp-includes/taxonomy.php
wp_check_term_meta_support_prefilterAborts calls to term meta if it is not supported.wp-includes/taxonomy.php
wp_common_block_scripts_and_stylesHandles the enqueueing of block scripts and styles that are common to both the editor and the front-end.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_default_packagesRegisters all the WordPress packages scripts.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_default_packages_inline_scriptsAdds inline scripts required for the WordPress JavaScript packages.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_default_packages_scriptsRegisters all the WordPress packages scripts that are in the standardized `js/dist/` location.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_default_packages_vendorRegisters all the WordPress vendor scripts that are in the standardized `js/dist/vendor/` location.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_enqueue_registered_block_scripts_and_stylesEnqueues registered block scripts and styles, depending on current rendered context (only enqueuing editor scripts while in context of the editor).wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_get_code_editor_settingsGenerate and return code editor settings.wp-includes/general-template.php
wp_get_script_polyfillReturns contents of an inline script used in appending polyfill scripts for browsers which fail the provided tests. The provided array is a mapping from a condition to verify feature support to its polyfill script handle.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_is_json_requestChecks whether current request is a JSON request, or is expecting a JSON response.wp-includes/load.php
wp_refresh_heartbeat_noncesAdd the latest Heartbeat and REST-API nonce to the Heartbeat response.wp-admin/includes/misc.php
wp_register_tinymce_scriptsRegisters TinyMCE scripts.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_scripts_get_suffixReturns the suffix that can be used for the scripts.wp-includes/script-loader.php
wp_set_script_translationsSets translated strings for a script.wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php
wp_tinymce_inline_scriptsAdds inline scripts required for the TinyMCE in the block editor.wp-includes/script-loader.php
_get_plugin_from_callbackInternal helper function to find the plugin from a meta box callback.wp-admin/includes/template.php
_restore_wpautop_hookIf do_blocks() needs to remove wp_autop() from the `the_content` filter, this re-adds it afterwards, for subsequent `the_content` usage.wp-includes/blocks.php